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21st Annual International Conference Enterprise and Competitive Environment. Conference Proceedings

Dear readers, We are honoured to present you with the Conference Proceedings we are publishing as the one of the outputs of the 21st year of the International Conference Enterprise and Competitive Environment (ECE 2018) that we organised in March 22–23, 2018. The conference traditionally takes place in the campus of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic and provides a productive background for the development of new ideas not only for senior but also for young researchers. Therefore, we believe that the conference papers presented in these Proceedings will help you to find something new to make the world a better place. We welcomed more than 200 researchers with 186 presentations from all over the world (Albania, Algeria, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Pakistan, Poland, Romania and Slovakia) who also served as the discussants of the papers and helped to improve the quality of the research results presented during both conference days. Moreover, we hosted two distinguished well-known speakers who contributed to the conference programme with their speeches. Prof Julius Horvath (Central European University) gave a speech on a Historical Review of Economics and Other Social Science Disciplines. Prof Evžen Kočenda ȋCharles University) contributed to the discussion on the topic of Institutions and Determinants of Firm Survival in European Emerging Markets. In the presented Proceedings you find 75 papers which were selected on the basis of a peer-review process. We follow new trends in economics and build bridges between many research fields, especially accounting and taxes, ageing, bioeconomics, business economics, consumer behaviour and life quality, financial markets, law, management, marketing and welfare economics. Finally, we would like to thank to all the participants in the conference for their inspiring contributions. Furthermore, we are grateful to all the reviewers and the members of the scientific committee for their contribution to the organisation of this high-level scientific conference. We would also like to thank the members of the organising team for their support and hard work which contributed to the successful organisation of the conference.
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Datum vydání 13. 07. 2018
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Vazba E-kniha
Editor: Svatopluk Kapounek
Editor: Veronika Kočiš Krůtilová
Nakladatelství Mendelova univerzita v Brně
Tématická skupina 1 - Ekonomika
Neprodejná publikace. Publikaci je možné poptávat zde: http://ece.mendelu.cz/wcd/w-rek-ece/ece2018_fin.pdf
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