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Community-led Renewable Energy Business Models for the Czech Energy Sector Transition

The global energy sector has been going through turbulent times. The disputes and uncertainties between the future of fossil fuel and that of renewable energy build the basis for energy transition. The transition to low carbon energy systems has been on the way with increasing intensity in recent years and is also supported by global policy outcomes, such as the Paris climate agreement. Many scientific questions have appeared in this context about the types and forms of stakeholder participation, ownership issues, financial consequences, and increasingly sociological aspects. Even though historically centralised energy systems used to be economically efficient, local energy systems are promising because of both energy self-sufficiency and sustainability perspectives. Being an important pillar of this dissertation thesis, emerging local energy systems could thus provide potential contribution towards climate objectives. Changing energy business models needs to also take interested customers into consideration, who represent a shift from passive consumers to active energy prosumers. Thus huge research opportunities have emerged in the area of energy business model set up, such as the roles of new entrants versus established industry players.
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Datum vydání 10. 02. 2020
Pořadí vydání První
Jazyk anglický
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Autor: Viera Pechancová
Nakladatelství Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně
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